About Me

I grew up in a family where both my mother and father had their own businesses.  I worked in both growing up, went to college, and then in banking.  I worked in lending for 25 years.  First in banking, and then working in economic development lending.

It was working for Coastal Enterprises Inc. (http://www.ceimaine.org/) that I realized how much I enjoyed working with people who were trying to help others start and grow their businesses.  It was also when I went back to school.  I completed my MBA in Management and then went on to obtain a MS in Business and Marketing.  To top it off, I went into a doctoral program in Business.  Like so many people, I completed all of my coursework, took my comprehensive exams, and achieved the ABD level.  All but Dissertation.  I never did finish my dissertation.

I taught in the University of Maine System (Augusta) for 7 years and decided it wasn’t what I wanted, and because I hadn’t finished my doctorate it was a mutually agreed departure.  I left UMA.  For the past five + years I have been working as a business adviser/consultant/counselor and feel like I have truly found a career that is rewarding, fascinating, and enjoyable.  There are always new problems and situations that are challenging and important to my clients.  The people are real, not textbook examples.  I have the opportunity to help them, and the opportunity to watch their growth and success.  It’s very satisfying!