A Key Question: Big or Small?
A Key Question:  Big or Small?
A Key Question: Big or Small?

Working with entrepreneurs, I am always amazed at how different they are.  They can be young or old, well off or in poverty, dreamers or hard nosed business people with lots of experience or someone with a desire to work for themselves – but no idea of what they might do.


Many of them have put a lot of thought into their business ideas, but there is one key question that frequently makes them stop and think.  Often it is one they haven’t really thought about.

“So, what do you want to be, big or small?”

The strategies for each are different.  Creating a vision for where you want to go will mean different decisions along the way.  If you are just looking to create a job for yourself it is very different than if you want to grow a company to a much larger scale.

Creating a small business can mean that you are your brand.  Creating a large business means you need to think about the company brand, not your personal brand.  The planning and work are different.

I’m currently reading Bo Burlingham’s “Small Giants, Companies that ch

oose to be Great instead of Big”.  I’d recommend it if you are running a business and are unsure of which direction you want to take.


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