You have customers – what are you doing to keep them?
You have customers – what are you doing to keep them?

Keeping customers is about the experience, and the employees control the culture and temperature of the business. Never forget that. Steve Wynn

Marketing experts talk a lot about customers and their desire for “experiences”.  The part that is sometimes missing in those discussions is your employees.  The “experience” in your business might be an employee who actually has a sincere smile and likes people.  Or it might be the person that has great enthusiasm about what they do and can convey that to the customers.

I once has a position open for a person on the front desk of the office.  I also had a human resources manager who was involved in the interviewing process.  We came down to two candidates.  The HR manager thought we should hire a woman who was highly skilled with a great resume.  Enthusiasm was lacking.

The second candidate was a young woman just out of college.  She didn’t have half of the skills and none of the experience, of her competitor.  She is the one I hired.  Why?  She had a critical skill that I needed.  She had a great smile and an incredible amount of enthusiasm.

I knew she could learn the skills needed, but she already had the personality that I knew would enhance our customers “experience” in interacting with our company.  She had the ability to make people smile.

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