Customer personas? Why?
Customer personas? Why?

Last night I had a very interesting discussion with a gentleman who has started a small business.  Unfortunately, he believes that the legendary “everyone will buy this” lingo came out.  I had asked him who would buy his product(s).

We then went on to a long discussion about why that statement is never true.  I went to the extreme in terms of explaining why this isn’t true.  I asked if he would shop where Donald Trump would.  He admitted that was very unlikely.  Then I asked him if Trump would show where he does and he laughed.  Of course not!

I think (hope) that he grasped the concept from the farcical example.

The term “customer persona” may be new to you, but basically it is a construct to help you think about who will buy your service or product.  The better you can envision who will buy, the more effective your marketing will be.

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