Is your customer your #1 priority?
Is your customer your #1 priority?

Should they be?  I recently came across an interview with Richard Branson that was made in 2014.  He made a point that perhaps too many of us have lost sight of.  He puts his employees first!

The reasoning is simple, and yet so hard for us to follow.  It is also missing from most management practices today.  Whether you are a long time manager, and regardless of what industry you are in, or at what level, this may help you in managing your business.

Employees are sometimes looked at as being an expense to be managed.  The key is that your employees who have direct contact with your customers control a huge amount of your business.  They are the face of your business, the people that customers associate with your company.  If they are helpful, enthusiastic,

and truly care about your customers that is going to create long term loyal customers.  If they are unhappy, bored, frustrated, and don’t have a good attitude towards your customers they are also going to convey that image.

Branson’s belief is that you must put your employees first.  If they are happy, they are going to help you create those loyal long term customers that will make your business succeed in the long haul.

Here is the link to the short video:

Do you agree with his philosophy?

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